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German pinscher (tall)

 Hello ! Welcome to Daimon the dog`s web page. 

SOMETHING ABOUT ME:I`m a doberman,and my name is Daimon.I was born in Pardubice on

                                                 20.3.1998,but I live in Prague with my owners.

MY HOBBIES:At home,my favourite thing to do is to play with a ball or my squeaking

                          hedgehog.(but I annoy my owner with the squeaking,sometimes on purpose:>)

                          Outside,I love hawing sticks which I run after,but I never return it to my owner,    

                          unless he gives me another in exchange.I love it the most when I have to hop to

                          get the stick.I`m also in love with swimming and I even know how to dive head first

                          and do belly-flops.I also like digging holes and you won`t beleive all the things 

                          I can dig out,but the best is when I find a mouse.                       

MY CHARACTERS:I`m obedient,playful,reliable,intelligent,observant,cute and a little spoilt,but

                                     I`m also alert,quick and  an undiscouragable protector.

Well,I`ve boasted enough,now you can check out what a hunk I am and it you like me, you can write to  , but by now handsome spectatle.



                            I just woke up..... 


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