German Pinscher

 HI !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

I was born 15.10.2006 just outside Chlumce above Cidlinou.A if you are it unrecognized so I big German pin and as far as outgrow so I'll have 50cm on altitude and I'd weigh 16kg,but it yet will catch sight of.Now live in Prague and I have owner,missis and almost 4- year old friend girl Camilla. With owner most often I go on walks,you me like,but chivies me,that I have to sometimes listen and cease hunt with others doggies.

Missis old about my full belly.So that when come from walks,so I have at home always ready saucer with cossack hat.Indeed when that eat so mostly lie down to the pelisku and I want sleep.Sometimes it walks heavy,because Camilla wants with me play and not long ago me already really het - up,so I her only tiny nip to the hands- well I have yet milk - tooth.Missis to us for a moment no paid namely you I have to tell what I pass,indeed it has been terrible namely introduce that I yet pupy.

So that as I already said missis didn't have for a moment time and I am nip don't you know who,what about it Camillka irked and give the air me from flat out on pavement.A I am knew,that I it overdid.But to the barracoon me nobody already shut out,so I ran there where it I know a.Was in to me dinky All Souls',but what I could do.After I inrun to the business and I won't let I from him give the air.So me heaped to the autos and drove to the shelter to the Troji.

Indeed I was so His eyes almost popped out and at all I doesn't know if yet sometimes I'll see my owners. In shelter for me were though worthy, but do you know it at home he's at home.I was horrible played out and cowardly so I lie down to the bed what me there readied and be likely he fell asleep.All of a sudden behind me came and arrange me on neck collar.Have had alarm to me unstopped to the some cage,but all of a sudden I catch sight of all my people what like.It you are had see of what we are had all joy.At last after long four o'clock I return to be at home.A from th time missis locks door.

TS: Catch I,that I should take lessons obedience,training.So I wonder what by owner thinks.Well I listening to on word,but meanwhile I don't know whereupon.

Indeed we'll see,it you possibly write next time.                                                                     

                                                                                                                                            So meanwhile lever ; DAIMONEK yow yow. .  

So meanwhile lever ;  Your DAIMONEK haf and we go farther ???